Tae Sung

Tae Sung is Associate Professor of English and Founding Director of the University Writing Center at CBU. He is passionate about helping people understand the power of languages and literatures to create deep meanings, identities, and traditions. He began his undergraduate studies as a bioengineer at UC San Diego before a life-changing experience led him to switch his major to English. He completed his MA in theology from Fuller Seminary and went on to receive his PhD in American literature from UC Irvine where he was awarded the Strauss Fellowship in English and the Koehn Fellowship in Critical Theory. After many years away, he is back in the Inland Empire where he grew up, served as a foster parent with Olive Crest, and teaches a weekly class for incarcerated men through Prison Fellowship. His writing has appeared in Books & Culture, the William James Studies journal, the journal of Religion and Literature, the Emerson Society Papers, and elsewhere. He is completing a scholarly monograph titled, The Spirit and the Gift: A Postsecular Reading of Ralph Waldo Emerson and William James, which is projected to be the first of a three-part series on the spirit in American literature. See his faculty profile for more details.


Graduate Assistant Writing Tutors

Melody Leon (Focus areas: MLA, APA, Chicago, music)

Melody recently graduated with her BA in Music Education and is now a graduate student pursuing her degree in saxophone performance. She has been tutoring for five years now and her areas of expertise include essays, letters, and different styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago. She is passionate about using flexible teaching styles to help students engage the revision process. 

Alicia Wu (Focus areas: international students, ESL) 

Alicia is a graduate student in the MA in English Literature program at CBU. It is her passion to help people develop a love of literature, which led her to become a tutor. She first came to CBU as an exchange student from Jiangnan University in China and decided to stay to pursue her love of literature and the arts. She also works at CBU’s International Center as a English-teaching assistant in the international athlete’s program. 


Writing Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Joseph Arriaga (Focus areas: MLA, English, philosophy) 

Joseph is an English major in the Online and Professional Studies division. He believes in the gravity of words and in their power to craft and communicate both one’s reality and one’s self. He is dedicated to empowering others to generate and express their own world and ideas. He holds an Associate Degree in Human and Behavioral Sciences from Riverside City College and is currently a senior at CBU, where he recently won first runner-up in the President’s Award for Excellence in Writing contest. He specializes in MLA style research and close reading essays. He is interested in philosophy, theory and criticism, psychology, theater, and history as fields inextricable from the realm of literature. Most of all, he is interested in people, and is committed to helping others translate who they are in the world. 

Nick Cortz (Focus areas: MLA, APA, English) 

Nick is a senior English major, Leadership Studies minor, and AFROTC cadet at CBU. Hailing from Redlands, California, he is an avid reader, coffee drinker, and the owner of three alpacas. After pursuing his childhood dream of flying airplanes for the United States Air Force, Nick hopes to teach Advanced Placement literature at the high school or college level. He is well versed in the composition of small and large scale writing projects and is experienced with both MLA and APA styles. Additionally, he is equipped with basic knowledge in the fields of Aviation, Computer Science, Film, and Physics to aid those with technical majors. Nick has been tutoring peers for over three years and especially enjoys the process behind persuasive writing. His goals are to help students view writing as a fun and approachable skill, and to provide tools for them to express their ideas in more engaging, meaningful, and purpose-driven ways.

Kasaan M. Hammon 国产偷拍视频(Focus areas: online, MLA, APA, English, Communication) 

Kasaan is a Liberal Studies major with an English concentration currently in her last year at CBU to become an English teacher. She previously studied communications at Northwestern University and has over 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience. She is winner of the 2019 President’s Award for Excellence in Writing for her essay “Knowledge Proceeds from I Am: A Philosophical Journey” and a 2019 Mensa Scholarship recipient for her essay “Why I Want to Be a Teacher.” Her articles and narratives have been published in the Malibu Times, Palms to Pines magazine, and other publications. In the realm of creative writing, she has received the William Fadiman Writing Prize, was a featured playwright in the CalArts Theater Festival, and has won awards for her songwriting and poetry. Kasaan loves words in all media and is passionate about supporting students and peers in communicating effectively, persuasively, and appropriately for a wide-range of contexts, audiences, and goals. She has expertise in academic writing in APA and MLA styles and specializes in the literary and communication arts.

Joanna Ingold 国产偷拍视频(Focus areas: MLA, English) 

Joanna Ingold is a junior English major with Humanities and Communications minors. She has expertise in MLA, grammar and syntax, and writing non-fiction essays. Her main interests in the field of English are poetry, 18th-century French literature, and modern American literature. 

Rebecca Puckett 国产偷拍视频(Focus areas: MLA, English) 

Beck is short for Rebekah. I grew up in LA and have always lived in SoCal. I transferred from Fullerton Junior College as a sophomore, and have been at CBU since.  I’m a senior English major with a minor in Children’s Literature and a concentration in Creative Writing. I hope to be a children’s librarian after graduate school and I’ve always had a passion for fiction writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing papers and I want my peers to be able to enjoy the writing process as well.

Savannah Rios (Focus areas: MLA, APA) 

Savannah is an undergraduate Early Childhood Studies major. She is integrating a multiple subject credential into her educational journey and seeks to use her personal experience to help guide purpose-driven writers. She maintains expertise in MLA and APA styles, as well as subject writing for English, Spanish, Psychology, Early Childhood, and Human Development. Throughout her academic and spiritual journey at CBU, she hopes to aid her peers and demonstrate CBU’s commitment to be biblically rooted, academically prepared, globally minded, and equipped to serve. 

Clarissa Rossman (Focus areas: MLA, English) 

Clarissa is a junior majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Illustration. She is passionate about storytelling and adores writing classes which allow her to workshop papers with her peers. Clarissa has had the privilege of serving on the editorial board for the sixth edition of CBU’s annual literary journal, The Dazed Starling, which published two of her short stories. Clarissa is the membership representative officer of Sigma Tau Delta, a National English Honor Society, and the president of the Creative Writing Club. In her spare time, she is proud to be a nerd and geek out to her favorite genre of fantasy.

Jenna Van Mourik (Focus areas: online, MLA, APA, English) 

Jenna is a fourth-year English student at CBU who has a wide-range of experience in academic, business, creative, and media writing. Outside of English, her undergraduate studies have also included an emphasis in film, media production, communication, and biblical studies. She specializes in MLA and APA styles, and is passionate about writing, research, and creatively conveying messages through research-based literary analysis papers, attention-grabbing personal essays, or anything in-between.